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Frequently Asked Questions

Q How many times per week does my child go to class?

A Children attend recreational classes once per week.

Q What should my child wear to class?

A Shorts and a t-shirt are fine. Bodysuits are also fine. Long hair must be tied back. Dangly jewellery such as earrings and necklaces are not allowed. Stud earrings are allowed. No footwear other than gymnastic slippers are allowed. Most athletes train in bare feet. Don't forget to bring a water bottle!

Q Can my child try a class first, before signing up?

A Unless the class is full, we will allow a child to try one class before signing up for a session. Our mini-sessions provide an excellent opportunity for children to see if gymnastics is for them. Mini-sessions are not part of our standard schedule. We offer them as time and space allow, so please call us for details.

Q What if the session has already started. Can I still register?

A Certainly. We pro-rate our classes, so you don't pay for classes you have already missed.

Q What is the membership fee? Do I have to pay that every time I register for a session?

A The membership fee goes directly to Gymnastics Ontario and covers the cost of insuring each child that participates in gymnastics. It is an annual fee that covers the period from July to June of the following year.

Q What happens if a class is cancelled by Northumberland Gymnastics (like on a snow day)?

A Please check our Facebook page if you think your child's class might be cancelled. A class cancelled by Northumberland Gymnastics will be replaced by a make-up class or a credit towards a half-day camp. Typically, make-up classes are scheduled at the end of the session. Coaches will provide details as well. Note that there are no make-up classes for absenteeism.

Q Why do you charge admission for the showcase?

A The showcase is put on in addition to the regular classes. We still need to book our coaches and open the gym. We know how much the kids enjoy showing off their new skills, so we always have a showcase at the end of each session.

Q Why do you run fundraisers? I thought those were for non-profit organizations.

A Our fundraisers help us to keep our program fees down, and to raise money for equipment. Without fundraising we would have to raise our program fees.